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Turning your Facebook audience into leads via a lead magnet

The other day I received a message asking how to send out a PDF from a Facebook page sign up form. I briefly described...
Phil Bacon
2 min read

The Future Is All About Segmentation and Personalisation

by Carl Sednaoui Director of Marketing, MailCharts Subscribers don’t want to deal with irrelevant messages. They’ll scroll past, delete, or unsubscribe from your messages...
Doug Dennison
39 sec read

API Feeds to Replace RSS

I predict in years to come that emails won’t be a single entity, but instead a collection of content blocks that are fed from...
Doug Dennison
40 sec read

Hyper Segmentation

Hyper-segmentation is a term I’ve used for automatically segmenting your data by tracking micro-actions. I believe that in order to gather deep, more granular...
Doug Dennison
22 sec read

The Pendulum Will Swing for GIFs

by Mike Nelson and Matthew Smith Really Good Emails We are on track to abusing the number of GIFs in an email. Brace yourself...
Doug Dennison
27 sec read

Granular Personalisation

Personalisation is commonplace for email marketers however I predict this will become a huge area of development and growth over the next few years....
Doug Dennison
41 sec read

True Preference Selection

In a similar way to content being made up of fully customised and personalised snippets, I also see this content being served up to...
Doug Dennison
29 sec read

Text in Images Will (Almost) Go Away

by Mike Nelson and Matthew Smith Really Good Emails Baking text into an image has a lot of negative outcomes. It doesn’t scale well....
Doug Dennison
21 sec read

Enter JavaScript

Eventually, JavaScript will enter the fold. With the introduction of JS will come advancements in email coding functionality, giving email a resurgence. At the...
Doug Dennison
21 sec read

Video in Email – Finally

Video in email has long been a wish for most marketers, and even to this day I explain at least once a week that...
Doug Dennison
25 sec read