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Offering full service solution for Lord Timepieces.

Lord Timepieces is an aspirational brand which is based in London. They offer unique and luxurious timepieces in a variety of elegant designs, from minimalistic classics to bold skeleton watches. Lord Timepieces combines global style trends, unrivalled quality and exquisite looks – into an affordable product.


Lord Timepieces wanted an e-mail marketing strategy that sent a lot more frequently than they were. Originally, promotional e-mails were only sent on key marketing dates e.g. Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas / Boxing day. Here at MailNinja, we wanted to send e-mails more frequently to increase sales and engagement with subscribers, ensuring that they do not lose interest whilst increasing ROI.


Firstly, we had a strategic phone call together to find out where the focus should lie. Lord Timepieces felt that ROI was important and to engage more with subscribers on the list. We then designed and built a template for us to work with on future campaigns for Lord Timepieces. Once this had been signed off and the client was happy, we took note of key marketing dates, and how we could use this to Lord’s advantage to further his sales and make him a bigger Return on Investment.


MailNinja have seen a reasonable ROI on the e-mails that Lord Timepieces send, and have also watched their subscriber list grow. When they began their e-mail marketing, they started off with 10,055 subscribers. Today, Lord Timepieces have 57,277 subscribers in their list.

Over the period of 3 months, Lord Timepieces sent 3 promotional e-mails (themselves) to their customers. Altogether, from 3 campaigns the total revenue came to £4,818, with a total of 66 orders. Although these numbers seem good, they are not consistent. The first campaign sent made 12 orders, with £725 total revenue. Second campaign made 54 orders, with a £4,093 total revenue. The third campaign made no sales. This does not show consistency within results.

I then accumulated 3 e-mail campaigns that us at MailNinja put together and sent for Lord Timepieces. Overall, the total revenue from our 3 campaigns came to £6,491 – with much more consistent results. Campaign 1 made 19 orders with a total revenue of £1,361. Campaign 2 made 54 orders with a total revenue of £3,014, and Campaign 3 made 32 orders with a total revenue of £2,116.

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