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We are the UK’s leading Mailchimp email agency.

Mailchimp are the leading email marketing provider, and we have teamed up with them to provide a flexible and power service to support you as you grow.

Mailchimp email agency

Our services are designed to give you a flexible plan to start and scale your business on the Mailchimp marketing platform. Being the go-to Mailchimp email agency, trusted and recognised by Mailchimp themselves, we can help you transform your email marketing.

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Trusted by Mailchimp

“Doug and his team at MailNinja take great care of our customers. They really help them grow their business, and are a lot of fun to work with too!”

Sean Cook, Vice President of Marketing @ Mailchimp

We've been interviewed by Mailchimp on a number of occassions, here are some articles for you to read (when you have 5 mins). Check out our Mailchimp partner listing

We've even been to see Mailchimp at their HQ in Atlanta, read our story here

We run regular Meetups for Mailchimp in London, if you'd like to come along, check us out on Eventbrite

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