Mailchimp Automation Setup | Customer Journey Setup Service

Mailchimp automations and customer journeys, done for you.

If you need a hand setting up automations in Mailchimp, you need the ninjas.

Class automations.

Mailchimp’s classic automations offer a flexible, and reliable way to create automated email campaigns, triggered by subscriber activity, by purchase activity, and so much more.

Mailchimp automation setup | customer journey setup service
Mailchimp automation setup | customer journey setup service

Customer journey builder.

You may be thinking, the classic automations sound great, and yeh they are, but the customer journey builder gives you SO much more. You can splinter off YES/NO variables and set delays, all in a visual flow chart.

We can help you automate your business.

MailNinja is the world’s leading Mailchimp partner, with over 15+ years of experience. Our team has a vast knowledge of Mailchimp and the capabilities of triggered automation flows.

We can provide some training

If you want to do all this yourself, we can provide hourly training sessions to show you how.

We can do it all for you

If you’d rather leave it all to us, we can map out your flows, design and build your emails, and set it all up for you.

Trusted by Mailchimp.

We're the go-to Mailchimp email agency, trusted and certified by Mailchimp themselves, and we can transform your email marketing.

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