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We’ll design and code mobile-responsive, fully-editable email templates.

Mailchimp email template design and mobile responsive coding
UK email marketing services - campaign and ESP account management

Of course, being email geeks we know that mobile responsive coding is a huge part of the journey when creating an email, however a great design is as important, if not more. You could have an email that works on every email client and device, but if it looks bad, you simply wont get good results.


Effective email design is critical in appealing to your subscribers, holding their interest, and getting them to click and convert. The look and feel of your email has an immediate impact on your brand, shaping the opinion of you subscribers and potential customers.

Here at MailNinja, we’ve been designing emails for over a decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to create high-impact, visually pleasing emails to help your brand stand-out for all the right reasons.

Under the bonnet of every great email is our expertly-crafted bulletproof code. Our HTML specialists hand-build, optimise and test your emails to ensure they look great on every phone, tablet and computer screen.

UK email marketing services - campaign and ESP account management

Leading the charge for mobile

According to a US study, over 66% of people read emails on mobile devices, and with Apple edging ever closer to complete world dominance, this figure can only be set to increase. Having witnessed the exponential growth in the use of mobile devices, MailNinja pioneered a mobile-first approach, developing fully mobile-responsive emails that are built and tested to render perfectly on all major clients and devices.

All of our emails are tested using Email on Acid, the industry standard testing software, as well as our own in-house device lab.

Our promise to you!

Mobile-responsive bulletproof HTML code

Every email we produce is coded to be fully mobile responsive, using the latest technology.

Tested on the top email clients and devices

All of our emails are tested using testing software, as well as our own in-house device lab.

Custom designed around your brand

Your email template uses your company’s brand identity; logo, icons, typeface, colour palettes and imagery.

100% Mailchimp compatible

Our templates are designed to work in Mailchimp, allowing you to edit all text, headings, links and imagery.

Here’s what you get…

When you hire MailNinja, you get a team of email marketing professionals to work on your email template, here’s how we work, step by step:

Creative brief

Before we jump into designing your template, we first discuss how you intend to use it, gather design assets and create a wireframe layout to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Design and layout

Now we understand your outcomes and the type of content you’ll be sending, we can design a layout that best suits your needs, ensuring we keep the fonts and colours within your brand identity.

HTML coding and testing

Once approved by you, we then code your email using the very latest, lightweight HTML and CSS coding standards. Once done we test your emails in a virtual environment as well as on physical devices in our testing lab, to ensure it works perfectly.

Migration and training

Now your email has been developed and tested, we import the finished email into your Mailchimp account, running a few final tests, then having a call with you to demo how your template works, and provide some basic training.

You work on your business, leave Mailchimp to us

We would love to hear from you and learn more about your email program and how we can take your program to the next level. If you're looking for an email agency, or just want more information, we're happy to answer all your questions.

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