MailChimp Full-Service Email Marketing Packages

With years of MailChimp expertise, MailNinja’s service and support packages are designed to increase customer engagement, boost ROI, and deliver long lasting tangible results.

MailChimp Full-Service Email Marketing Packages

If you’re looking for an full service managed package designed for MailChimp, we’re the Ninjas to call. You’ll become part of an exclusive collective group of clients that have priority access to our highly skilled team of  MailChimp experts that take care of everything for you.

MailChimp managed

Leave your email marketing to the Mailchimp Experts. Let MailNinja manage your entire MailChimp account for you. From designing awesome emails, to creating and sending your regular email campaigns at peak times according to your target market, to tracking the results that matter to you and your business. We’ll even send you an email to let you know how many opens and clicks you got, and suggest ways in which to improve these results. Plus, we can help you build your email lists using social media. A complete end-to-end service.

MailChimp Full-Service Email Marketing Packages

A full service, designed to…

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve open and click rates
  • Maximise your marketing ROI
  • Drive more sales conversions
  • Acquire customers and subscriber

Our managed service packages

From campaign management, support services to a complete full service solution.

Fully Managed Service Package

Designed for people who want to outsource their entire email marketing to the experts.

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Campaign Mentoring Package

Designed for people who want full control, but need some ongoing support and expert help.

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