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New to MailChimp?
You need our Kickstart Bundle

We believe the best way for you to market your business is with email. The problem most people face is expertise. This is where we help.

MailChimp Kickstart Bundle – only £299

  1. Mobile responsive ‘fully editable’ email template
  2. 30-min fast track training over Skype to cover the basics
  3. Step-by-step mentoring of your first email send – Skype screenshare
  4. [BONUS] 3-months free MailChimp usage

[Recommended Upgrade]

Grab the Rockstar add-on for £300 extra, get…

  1. 30-min strategy call (campaign roadmap, streamline processes)
  2. Content, anti-spam, best practice and delivery training (30 mins)
  3. Mentoring, testing and pre-flight checks of your next 2 emails
  4. Analysis of your first 4 campaigns, followed up with an insights report

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