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MailNinja is the UK’s leading email marketing and Mailchimp partners. For 14+ years we’ve helped 350+ clients achieve powerful results with their email marketing.

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Campaign managers

Lee Webb (left, obvs) and Harriet Holland (right, again obvs) will work with you to map out a plan, suggest campaign themes and help you gather content.

Email designers

Emily Croft (left, really?) and Marcelo Salgado (right, you get the picture) will design all of the graphics and resize all of the imagery for your email campaigns.

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Mailchimp email campaign management - join free

Email developers

Vlad Apetroaei (left, less obvs) and Nick Pearson (must be the one on the right) will build and test your emails to ensure they look amazeballs.

A multi-talented bunch of email marketing specialists, at your fingertips.

Doug Dennison - CEO & Founder

Doug Dennison
CEO & Founder

Tony Nutley - COO & Co-Founder

Tony Nutley
COO & Co-Founder

Lee Webb - Campaign Manager

Lee Webb
Lead Campaign Manager

Harriet Holland - Campaign Coordinator

Harriet Holland
Campaign Manager

Nick Pearson - Development Coordinator

Nick Pearson
Lead Developer

Vlad Apetroaei - HTML email Developer

Vlad Apetroaei
Email Developer

Marcelo Salgado - Graphic Designer

Marcelo Salgado
Lead Email Designer

Emily Croft - Graphic Designer

Emily Croft
Email Designer

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