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MailNinja creates multi-purpose mobile-ready templates for Orange.

Orange are a multi-billion pound global telecoms giant, with outlets and stores all over the world.


Orange approached MailNinja to create two mobile responsive email templates, ready for use in their ESP (email service provider) – in their case MailChimp.

Mobile responsiveness was essential as over 80% of their readers view their emails on mobile devices.


We built 2 template options, one was a drag-n-drop template designed for easy campaign creation.

Due to their vast subscriber list (1.5 million+) the largest part of this project was testing across multiple devices and email clients. This included virtual testing in Litmus and physical device tests with iPhone, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Working to their strict style guide we designed and built two mobile responsive email templates that worked across a multitude of clients and devices. The drag and drop template engine in MailChimp is fairly restrictive but we managed to get as close to their style requirements and we possibly could.


As a result, we migrated and signed off 2 working templates that they could work with in-house.

We are currently in talks to provide a fully managed campaign service for them on an ongoing basis.

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