Meet PIXEL, our hand-coded master template

PIXEL is the world’s most flexible email template, now with 34 modules. We can fully customise each module around your brand and style guidelines.

* Pay for what you need
Modules as they are = £25 per module
Customised / rebranded modules = £50 per module

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Introducing PIXEL

PIXEL is a pre-built template framework made up of over 34 modules hand-coded by us to help us build emails in less time. Each module has been developed using lightweight code, each module is Litmus approved, and real world tested in over 25 live client email templates.

With PIXEL, you have a battle-tested framework and set of 34 interchangeable modules for you to choose from.

Bulletproof modules

PIXEL pulls from our pre-built library of fully mobile responsive modules, allows us to build in a fast, efficient way.

Litmus approved

Our emails are fully tested and approved using Litmus.

Code comments

Our code is clean and commented to give you the ability to move, remove or clone modules.

Lightweight code

Due to code size restrictions, our code framework is designed to be ultra lightweight.

mailchimp ready

MailChimp ready

Complete with MailChimp edit tags

Some of our work

Here are some of the email designs we've worked on over the years