50% of marketers use animated GIFs in their email campaigns

by | Jan 18, 2016

Mailchimp experts, email marketing agency

A recent Email Market Study from Experian showed that 1 in 2 marketers regularly use animated gifs in their email campaigns. There’s good reason.

At MailNinja we’ve used animated gifs for a wide variety of reasons. Mainly because…

  1. They work on the majority of email clients (besides Outlook – it shows the first frame only)
  2. They are great at showing quick video snippets, how to animations or demos
  3. They really capture attention – they are colourful and engaging
  4. Makes the email more memorable
  5. Can show different variations in one image e.g bags, clothes
  6. Focus attention on products

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so an animated one must be worth even more. Nowadays, email marketers are pushing the boundaries of email design, by using animated GIFs to display their products and services in action.

Here are some usage examples…

  • Could show a demonstration of a new app, product
  • Used to replace a video
  • Ticking clocks can be used for offers “ENDS MIDNIGHT” shows sense of urgency
  • Can be used for a signature at the bottom of an email – like it’s being written

Check out our Pinterest board for some amazing examples of animated GIFs used in emails https://uk.pinterest.com/mailninja/animated-gifs-used-in-email-campaigns/