The benefits of professional MailChimp email template design

by | Dec 13, 2017

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Email marketing still holds massive potential for firms looking to build meaningful relationships with customers and boost sales. However, achieving this can only be done with tailored campaigns and flawless emails. Professional MailChimp email template design is a way to help you reach this success and make your emails stand out. Here are the benefits on offer.

1. It improves your credibility

Professional MailChimp email design is a great way to help transfer the credibility your brand stands for. No matter how professional your sales pitch, your company headquarters or your website, poorly designed emails will remove tonnes of credibility. In turn, people are far less likely to want to read them or trust what they say.

2. It creates consistency

Customers love to see consistency. Consistency helps them to build a relationship with your brand by quickly identifying everything you send to them. Consistency is a powerful marketing asset for a number of businesses. Look at Virgin, for example, their branding is consistent across all of their companies, even though health centres have nothing to do with aeroplanes. Your emails will work in the same way; a consistent trend is nice to see and improves the apparent professionalism of your services.

3. It makes you stand out

One of the biggest reasons business owners incorrectly assume email marketing is dead is because they send out tonnes of boring emails a month but complain that they aren’t getting any results. This is hardly surprising when the look of their emails is the same as everyone else’s and looks unappealing. Professional MailChimp email templates will stand out and immediately draw in your customers. They will be more inclined to view and absorb the information in an email that looks appealing and unique, rather than another bog standard email campaign.

4. More people actually open the emails

There is actually a lot of skill behind understanding how your email will look before someone even opens it. Inside of their inbox, they will not just see the subject, but also a preliminary section of text and other features which will help them decide whether or not to open it. A professionally designed template takes advantage of this preview and allows you to improve how your emails look before they are even opened.

5. It converts more effectively

As mentioned, professional template design can improve your credibility and trustworthiness, and the overall purpose of this is that it draws in more sales. By investing some small initial costs into having professional MailChimp email templates designed, you then have an easy means with which to spice up your email campaigns and actually convert more subscribers into paying customers.

Achieving a truly professional MailChimp email template design cannot be achieved without years of design experience. Here at MailNinja, we have worked with hundreds of businesses since 2005 to help them reach more clients and do so with truly bespoke campaigns. All of our email templates are highly professional and perfectly optimised after years of changes and adaptations. To discuss working with us and to find out more on how we can help grow your sales, contact us today.