Boost your open rates – personalise your subject lines

by | Jan 18, 2016

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According to a report in 2012 from Adestra, your subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened if you personalise them.

To back this report up, a study by Experian, a personalised message produces six times higher revenue than one that is not personalised.

Here’s why…

  • People feel noticed and appreciated when an email feels built just for them,
  • If marketers can use personal info, the customer will feel like they had them in mind when reading an email
  • Feels like receiving a personal email from family and friends


From today onwards… Don’t just gather email addresses. Gather their first name too. Doing so will mean you can create subject lines like “Hey Doug, you’re gonna love this”, or “Hi George, what’s up?”

If until now you’ve just been gathering emails and think, “That’s me screwed”, think again. Simply have 2 lists, have your legacy list on one hand, and a new list with the additional data in the other. Simply send 2 campaigns and slightly tweak your subject lines for the new list.

Try it… you may be surprised!