Do most people know how to use Mailchimp?

by | Feb 21, 2016

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I regularly take a look at Quora, often to post questions myself, yet i came across this post so thought i’d answer it as well as share the answer for you here…

Yes and no.

Most people know the basics – create an email, send an email, view a report and so on. Yet many people simply don’t know the best practices that make your emails deliver the results you expect.

Things like –

  • Writing effective subject lines
  • Creating great content with clear calls to action
  • Segmentation and grouping
  • Send times
  • What metrics to monitor

At MailNinja we use MailChimp daily, therefore are more familiar with these than most, however if you really want to make email marketing work for you and drive a higher ROI then it’s important to understand these things.

Email is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and MailChimp is an incredibly powerful marketing platform. Unlike InfusionSoft or some of these other products out there, MailChimp makes some of the more advanced stuff easy to get your head around. It’s more a question of knowing some of the basic jargon (autoresponders, segments, variant tags, templates, campaigns) than anything else.

Hope it helps!