How to increase email click-through rates

by | Jul 26, 2016

Mailchimp experts, email marketing agency

Here are some tips to boost your email click-through rates:

Design around the content
Don’t ever feel you’re stuck with a fixed layout structure mix it up. This is why we build modular templates, as you can move blocks around and swap them out if you don’t need them.
Custom fonts can be great, but Outlook completely ignores them. Always have an Outlook-friendly backup font such as Arial or Times.
Image to text ratio
Use a balance of images and text. Using all imagery may give you flexibility over design, however your email will be heavy and slow, plus it wont look great if images are turned off.
Bold colours
Use striking bold colours throughout your emails, such as buttons, icons, fonts, images etc. Doing so will make your emails pop!
Brand identity
It goes without saying, but use fonts and colours appropriate to your brand style guide. You want a consistent look and feel when someone clicks through to your website.
Short, concise copy
Write your copy, then take a sledgehammer to it! Chop it up, remove filler words, reduce paragraphs to lines, and cut up paragraphs with sub headings and bullet points. Less is more.
Use white (or negative) space
Often ignored, smart use of white space is important in email design. Add padding around your images, and extra pixels to your rows dividers. Negative space focuses the eye on your content, making it easier to read.
Consider the fold line
A fold line is the dividing line between what’s above and below the space before someone needs to scroll to read more, which is usually around 350px in height. Split tests reveal a dramatic boost in click-through rates if your primary call-to-action is above the fold line.
Less links, more impact
Less is more, so don’t throw everything into one email spread things out. The most effective emails we’ve seen have just a couple of articles and calls-to-action.
Clear imagery
If you want to get your email noticed, then use clean, bold imagery. One thing to be aware of is the size – too big and it increases load times, too small and the images will appear pixelated on mobiles.
Mobile rendering
A recent report shows over 66% of people read on a mobile. We choose Email on Acid for our email testing to ensure our emails look perfect every time.