How to increase open rates

by | Jul 26, 2016

Mailchimp experts, email marketing agency

Here are some tips to boost your email open rates:

Trigger curiosity
Humans are curious by nature, and clickbait plays on this. Subject lines work like social media headlines, therefore clickbait works just as well. Try and have some fun with your subject lines, and entice people to open them.
Use a pre-header
Pre-headers (also known as preview text) act like a second subject line. They are a great way to tell people what’s inside the email. Use subject lines to grab attention, then use pre-headers to back this up by telling people what’s inside.
Send from a person, not a company
When deciding to open an email, recipients first check to see if they know the person who sent it. Try to avoid using role-based addresses such as info, support, or sales. For example, use Doug at MailNinja <[email protected]>, not MailNinja <[email protected]>.
Don’t buy data
Purchasing data has become almost obsolete due to GDPR, however some people still feel buying data and hammering the same message will result in sales. It wont.
Personalise everything
Most ESPs will allow you to use short-code tags to embed data into your email copy, but don’t stop at the salutation. Try adding first names to your subject lines, call-to-actions and to headings. Word of warning – don’t over egg it and do all three in one email.
Send at the right time
Timing is everything in marketing – especially email marketing. Analyse your past opens rates and look for patterns to show you the best time of day, day of week and week of month.
Avoid spammy words
Spam trigger words could set alarm bells ringing with spam filters, meaning your email won’t even get delivered in the first place. We use Email on Acid’s spam testing tool to ensure our emails reach the inbox.
Use emojis
Campaign Monitor states that 56% of brands using emoji in their email subject lines observed a higher unique open rate. Remember that the purpose of a subject line is to grab attention, and emojis are a great way to do so.
Split test
Get into the habit of split testing every campaign you send. The slightest word change can have a massive impact. Form a habit of split testing every email you send.
Test your emails
A poorly coded email can affect inbox placement and a broken email can make you look amateurish. We choose Email on Acid for our email testing to ensure our emails look perfect every time.