How to write the perfect subject line

by | Jul 5, 2015

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Keep the subject line short (15-65% depending on market reads emails on mobile and see only from 24 to 61 characters), descriptive and clearly state what’s inside the email.

NO to no-reply email. Email marketing is about building relationship with your customer. Your goal is to get replies. Provide an email address that’s linked to a real, live inbox also shows that you’re open for business.

+ Add a person to the sender name. The opening rate increased by 28% when email was sent from a human being comparing to the letter sent from a general marketing alias.

Don’t forget to use preheader. It’s the first bit of text that shows up in many email clients immediately after the subject line. Those snippets appear in most mobile devices and in some desktop clients, such as Gmail and Outlook. Litmus reported that better preheader text increased their click-through rates over 30% and reduced spam complaints.

And finally, let’s explode some myths about subject lines (that’s our favorite article about subject lines):