HTML email template design by MailNinja

by | Jan 18, 2015

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HTML email / template design is by far our most popular service, so I thought I’d walk you through the steps we go through so your email template is the best it can possibly be:

With each and every email we design and build for MailChimp, we will create the template within our own MailChimp client account. From here we can design and test your template before passing it across to your own MailChimp account, where it will be there ready for you to use and reuse again and again.

Before we start:

Current setup

Are you already sending emails and just need an email facelift? In which case we’d like to see what you currently send out so we can understand what changes need to be made. Other things to determine are; are you already a MailChimp customer? Have you built up an email list? If so, and you’ve not been sending regular emails, does the list need to be re-engaged before they start to receive your regular emails?

Your customers

First up we determine who your customers are. Reason being; certain people react to different types of emails. A design or web company are more likely to have a strong creative following, so will want a more image-based email with lovely fonts and icons. A more technical (IT, software) company may want to do away with the fancy and go for something more text-based with few images.

Your brand

Next up; it’s important to research your brand identity. This covers many aspects of your visual brand image, such as your logo, fonts (headings, hyperlinks and paragraph text), icons and graphics, colour schemes and any specific dos and don’ts. Some brands have a style sheet with all of these details, some will just point us to their website where we can get most of this information from.

Functionality requirements

Depending on how you plan to use the email template will determine how we put it together. For example you can just have a plain old email template that you login to your MailChimp account and use right away, or perhaps you want specific capabilities.

In MailChimp you can have the ability to adapt their template framework to create drag-and-drop functionality. You can also create RSS emails, which syncs up to your blog, so that every time you write a new blog post it automatically goes out by email. This is a great way to thread things like email, blogging and social media together.

Over to us:

Designing your template

Based on the above, we can get a pretty good idea of what you want, how it should look and who and what it’s for. Here is where we get creative and design a template that’s created just for you and your needs and goals.

Building it up

Now we use MailChimp’s template builder to create your template. We use their building blocks to structure your email from the ground up. All of our MailChimp templates come pre-loaded with their tags so that you can edit it within your MailChimp account.

Testing & analysis

Finally we test your email using Litmus to make sure it looks great on all mobile and desktop devices and email clients.


Then it’s time for us to login to your MailChimp account as a temporary user and import and configure the template.