Why are images important in emails?

by | Sep 16, 2016

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Why are images important in emails? Good question, let’s find out exactly why you should have eye catching images inside your email campaign.

Visuals are an important part of any email campaign, whether you are selling your coolest new set of clothing or offering one of your previous customers a ‘CRAZY WEEKEND DISCOUNT’ you need something to grab your readers’ attention. The main image should be near the top of the email so it’s one of the first things your readers see.

The main Graphic should include all the information you want to portray and a little more. For example, if you are selling a new product the graphic will need to be visually appealing to your new product with space that will act as a call to action.

 What’s the best image to use?

Since it’s not recommended to use video in email there are many different types of images available for you to use, just make sure you pick the right one for the job. Such as photography for clothing lines, or vector based images for attractive & simple banners. Having an unclear image can harm your email campaign, your readers won’t engage with it as much.

Using high definition photographs and retina images are the best way to keep your visuals clear and crisp. Be careful though, having bigger visuals means a bigger file size – they might not even see your fancy new graphic! Having an alt tag within the email code will help backup your striking visual when it isn’t loaded in the email campaign.

 Images are your new best friend, sorry Dave.

Visuals are a great way to increase engagement & they give you a lot of creative freedom. However, an out of context image or inappropriate video can do more harm than no visual content at all.

Effective visuals are extremely powerful when used correctly to power up your campaign and spark the interest in your customers. If 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, what good is a block of text going to do? Hate to break it to you, but probably not much.

Studies have shown that our brains can process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Take this blog post for instance, did you look at the image first, or the block of text under it?