How does social media benefit email marketing?

by | Sep 20, 2016

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Social media is a platform in which both websites and applications enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. So what better excuse than to share emails?

Did you know e-mail has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twittercombined. That’s over 2.9 billion users on e-mail. Although this fact may be true, some might argue that social media is the best social channel, here are some ways in which social media can benefit your e-mail marketing:

Extend your email reach:

When sending an e-mail marketing campaign, surely you want as many people to see this as possible? With Facebook, Twitter & Instagram it’s possible to share your campaign as soon as it’s been sent. This gains awareness to the billions of people active on social media every day.

Gain more subscribers:

The more people that view & interact with your e-mail campaign, the more subscribers will want to sign up – this is why social media is such a useful platform to promote e-mails as the number of active users is in the billions.

Include social icons in e-mail:

Although this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised at how including social icons into your e-mail boosts user engagement massively – if there are no icons linked to your social media pages, chances are nobody is going to go and look themselves. Depending on whether or not social media is beneficial to your company, you could even send out an e-mail campaign purely to gain subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Promote e-mail sign up via social networks:

If you have a strong profile on any social networking account, use this to its full advantage. For example, a user with 30.5k followers on Twitter will gain huge awareness for a campaign, why let this go to waste? You can also promote e-mail sign up pages on Facebook to grow your subscribers list – the key is to cross-promote via different social networking channels.

Provide incentive for your subscribers:

Give your subscribers a reason to connect or to share your campaign on their social media. If there’s nothing in it for them – chances are they aren’t going to do it off their own back.

An incentive doesn’t have to be financial, if they can gain awareness for your campaign – perhaps your campaign can gain awareness for them. Although supplying freebies and discount codes for people who have shared your post is probably the easiest way to gain awareness