Why use an email marketing consultant?

by | Dec 13, 2017

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We know that many businesses do their own email marketing and tools like MailChimp are available for anyone to use. So why would you consider hiring an email marketing consultant like MailNinja?

Let’s take a look at some of the issues Mailninja resolves for clients on a daily basis.

Flexible email design

There are now dozens of ways emails can be read – email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, webmail services like Gmail, Hotmail (now Outlook) and Yahoo, plus via the many different Smartphone’s like iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

MailChimp helps with base templates that resize images and change layouts and font sizes to accommodate this huge variety, but we see enough awful-looking marketing emails to know that not everyone’s nailed it.

An experienced email consultant can design an email template that looks great on all those platforms – an art in itself.

Subject of the matter

What’s in a subject line? All sorts of factors influence whether an email will be opened or not – the length of the subject line, the words and phrases used and what you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re trying to get your reader to make a purchase, your subject line will be very different to an email that just seeks to inform. Someone well versed in the psychology of subject lines will come up with phrases that work and be aware of split-testing techniques which will hone effectiveness.

Getting through spam filters

Strongly tied to the subject line issue is the ability to get past spam filters. Do you know the toxic words that will prevent your email from being seen or send it to the spam folder instead of the inbox?

Do you know which words might get picked up in a subject line but will pass if they’re used in the body of the email instead? Years of experience tell us what words to avoid and which ones to use instead.

Gaining the best return on your investment

The reason why email marketing is still around is because it gets great results for minimal outlay compared to other mass marketing tools. But to squeeze the best from your investment it’s necessary to continually analyse the stats from your emails and tweak them to improve response rates.

Email consultants like MailNinja know how to interpret the ocean of statistics that washes over you during an email marketing campaign, and that reporting is crucial to this cyclical process. Measure, change then measure again – repeat.

Getting the message across

Most of what we’ve talked about so far is mainly technical, but there are marketing and even psychological issues to take into account as well.

With over ten years of experience we know the way to hit the pressure points that will persuade your audience to follow specific calls to action. After all, it’s no good getting thousands of people to open your email if they don’t follow through.

We’ll make sure your email marketing complements and enhances your other marketing activities too.

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