What is an email marketing agency?

by | Dec 13, 2017

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Email marketing is a science unto itself, and one that, if mastered, can have dramatic effects on your company’s bottom line. However, knowing how to run successful email marketing campaigns isn’t something you will likely get right the first time around. Instead, you must have a firm understanding of email marketing trends and developments to help you maximise returns. This is where an email marketing agency comes in.

What exactly is an email marketing agency?

An email marketing agency is a group of email marketing specialists who understand how to craft campaigns that actually get results. These agencies have spent years working with clients to optimise their campaigns and learn the lessons about what works and what doesn’t. In turn, they pass these skills on to new clients to help them improve the way they structure their emails and, ultimately, increase the results they receive as a result.

What can an email marketing agency help you with?

Here is a rundown of the sorts of services an email marketing agency can offer you:

  • Developing email marketing campaigns from scratch as a means to target a list of subscribers you already have
  • Creating a campaign to up sell your services to customers who have already bought from you
  • Offering deep analytical insight into exactly how your emails are currently performing
  • Finding ways to tweak existing campaigns and optimise them for greater results
  • Creating a strategy to help you start building more subscribers at a much faster rate
  • Integrating your email marketing software with other services for your business uses. For example, linking it up with your ecommerce software to better understand the customer sales journey
  • Setting up automated campaigns to help drive sales without you needing to manually send out any emails
  • Breaking down your customer base and sending out targeted miniature campaigns to separate target segments, in order to maximise results.

How do you get started?              

As with most other things, the quality of the service you expect to receive from an email marketing agency will come down to what you pay for it. There are plenty of so-called “email marketing experts” who run some personal blogs and think they know what it takes to run a truly insightful email marketing campaign. Instead, by finding an agency who can demonstrate the clients they have worked with and demonstrate some of the techniques they will use, you can have more faith that your campaign will be a success.

That’s where MailNinja comes in. We are a truly professional email marketing agency who specialise in using MailChimp. Since 2005, we have helped numerous companies to either redesign their existing campaigns or to create entirely new ones from scratch. By keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of evolving email marketing trends, each client we help is different, and each time we further hone our skills and improve the service we offer. To discuss any email marketing ideas you have and to see if we are the right fit for your business, contact our team today.