Introducing Segma

Segma I Customer tracking, from email to your website

Dynamic list segmentation, from email to web

Segma is the world’s first customer engagement tracking tool, designed exclusively around email.

Segma tracks events based on behaviour and user generated events. Once the event is logged we can create ‘listeners’ which perform actions based on what’s happened.

Segma was designed to work as a way to send people to email lists by behaviour, moving them between lists when they perform key actions on your website, however it quickly became apparent that the value far stretched beyond list segmentation. In fact, that’s just the start.

Track actions

Follow people from your email campaigns to your website, track what they do and when.

Trigger responses

Send them to new or existing email lists in your email platform and create targeted campaigns.

Send the right message, to the right people


With Segma, you can dynamically create email lists by unique customer actions. This means you can now send highly targeted messages to the right group of people at the right time.

How Segma works

Segma uses a unique Javascript SDK to track your email subscribers from your email campaigns to your website, logging a pre-determined ACTION, then triggering a RESPONSE after.


Why email to web?

Most segmentation tools out there will only work with PHP or database driven websites, and they only work if the person visiting your website is logged in. In most cases this simply won’t be the case. So, as we are an email marketing agency we thought “wouldn’t it be cool if tracked people from email to web, that way we can identify who they are by their email address, and send them to where you want.


Actions – the power behind Segma

An action can be as simple as a page view or download, to a purchase or mouse gesture, the possibilities are endless, and not limited to a single action, in fact you can have a row of actions. View a list of suggested actions here.

Trackable actions

  • email open
  • email to webpage click
  • webpage click (onsite)
  • webpage view
  • webpage load
  • webpage close
  • login/logout
  • download
  • adds a product to basket
  • buys product
  • buys similar product
  • button click
  • video view
  • audio listen
  • pdf view
  • form fill
  • form submit
  • form field focus / unfocus
  • search
  • presses a key, pressing a key, releases a key
  • mouse gestures (button click, move, over)
  • keyboard gestures
  • scroll past a certain point
  • hits the bottom of the page
  • hovers their mouse over something but doesn’t click
  • types a specific letter
  • copies/pastes content

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