List Management

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Turn contacts into subscribers

MailNinja adhere to a ‘build not buy’ policy. This means we can help you send great emails to an opted-in engaged audience.

Export and curate your data

You may think you don’t have any contacts already, but you do. You most probably have customers, people you’ve networked with, LinkedIn connections, or a draw full of business cards. We can help you curate your data, then turn these people into opted-in subscribers of your regular newsletters.

Verify your data

Our data verification and cleansing consists of the following:

  • Remove duplicate emails
  • Email syntax checkup (removes invalid emails)
  • Bad domain checkup
  • MTA check
  • Spam trap removal
  • Disposable Email Removal
  • Hard and soft bounce removal

We work with ImpressionWise to ensure your data is clean and verified, so you don’t get too many bounces.

Invite your contacts to join your email list

Nobody likes to get junk mail. So before we can send your emails to your contacts. Using our own in-house system we will send a friendly invitation to join your email list in MailChimp. Once opted-in, you can send your regular email campaigns to them.

Segment your list by activity

Segmentation makes it easy to send people content they care about.

We can set up segments in MailChimp that mean you can group your list into smaller chunks by simple actions, such as an email open, a link click, which device they read your email on, language, location and more.

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