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A perfect mobile-responsive template, ready to use in your MailChimp account

Every MailChimp template MailNinja create is designed and built exclusively for you. Here is what we can do…

Sliced and coded template design

We’ll take your PSD (or other acceptable file format) design and convert it into a fully functional, MailChimp template.

Custom email template design

One design plus two rounds of revisions.

MailChimp Templates Language Integration

Adjust colors, fonts, and more without breaking the layout and without having to mess with your code.

Variant Selector Language Integration

Variant selectors let you switch between any number of different content structures (blocks of HTML) within your MailChimp templates giving you unlimited flexibility when creating campaigns.

MailChimp Mobile Language Integration

We’ll integrate MailChimp’s media-query code into your template making your text nice and big when viewed on a smart phone, then scaling it back to normal size when viewed on a desktop. Sweet right? You’ll even see a new “Mobile Styles” tab in the MailChimp editor allowing you to update your email’s mobile styling on the fly without having to mess with the code.

Merge Tag Integration

Integration of standard and custom merge tags.

RSS Feed Integration

With RSS-to-email, you can publish your content once and send it to your email subscribers without even thinking about it. Our team will work with you to pull in the specific content you wish to publish via email allowing you to set it and forget it.

High Density Display Optimisation

There’s no denying that these new-era displays are gorgeous, but they’re not without fault: high-density displays can make your email ugly. With high density display optimisation we can help – serving up images that maintain their sharpness when viewed on new device screens.

Template Upload

Upload of template and files to your (or your client’s) MailChimp account (MailChimp account permission required).

Standard MailChimp Hosted Forms Customisation

We’ll create a single branded design layout, and we’ll publish it across your signup form, thank you pages, welcome emails, forward-to-friend landing page, etc.

Advanced MailChimp Hosted Form Customisation

Totally customise the look and feel of your entire sign up, unsubscribe, and list management process for your MailChimp managed list. A paid MailChimp account plan is required

Advanced Testing

A comprehensive preflight check for every template in more than 30 email clients with focus on the top ten, powered by Litmus.

Expert Advice

Knowledgeable advice and tips from the MailChimp experts.

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