Testing and Analysis

Our Services

We’ll test, proof, preview and check your emails

Every email MailNinja send is tested beyond breaking point. Here’s what we can do for you…

Preview your email across multiple platforms and devices

Unlike web browsers, email clients are far more strict when it comes to HTML and CSS standards. Just because your email renders properly in a web browser does not mean it will render correctly in every inbox. Our email testing service will preview your email in 7 operating systems, 6 web browsers, and 41 email clients.

Proof read your copy

We’ll review your copy as standard. We check for typos and grammatical errors before we schedule it for send.

Split test

Using MailChimp’s split testing features we can run 2 similar campaigns in parallel to a small segment of your list, then send the winning email based on opens and clicks to the rest.

Spam check

We run your email through a spam filter to make sure it hits the inbox every time.

Compare results

Why did last months email get a higher open rate? We will analyse your current and past emails to track activity so we can keep your open and click rates rising.

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