Set up Google remarketing ads in Mailchimp

Set up remarketing ads to drive people back your site.

Set up Google remarketing ads in Mailchimp
UK email marketing services - campaign and ESP account management

Mailchimp’s data shows that combining email with Google remarketing ads can boost your sales by an average of 107%.

Similarly to automated cart abandonment emails, remarketing (or retargeting) ads can grab people’s attention once they’ve left your website, and help to bring them back, driving more sales. The perfect combo for e-commerce-based companies.

UK email marketing services - campaign and ESP account management

How we work

Define your audience

Your strategy manager will work with you to create a clear plan.

Write your ads

Our copywriting specialist will write ads that generate results.

Set up your ads

We will create your ads, targeting your subscribers or similar audiences.

Monitor performance

At regular intervals, your strategy manager will provide reports and advise.

... or, leave everything to us!

Our flagship full-service plan takes care of every aspect of your Mailchimp email marketing

You work on your business, leave Mailchimp to us

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