Strategic Services

Outcome focused strategies designed around you

We draw on over 10 years of email marketing experience to develop a communication strategy tailored to your business and designed to exceed goals, boost ROI and provide the optimal customer experience.

Define a results focused strategy with a clear campaign road map.

We partner with our clients to create a customised strategy based on a detailed understanding of business objectives, target customers, and brand engagement.

We identify the ideal multichannel customer experience and develop a vision and media plan that includes a portfolio of programs and communications.

“Here at MailNinja we aim to provide a fully managed service. We are constantly trying to find different ways of improving your email marketing. We will not rest until we reach your desired outcome, this is what I believe sets us apart from the rest.”

Mark Hewington

Operations Manager

Define market opportunities

MailNinja identify marketing opportunities, develop customer segmentation solutions, identify ideal email peak send time and frequency, and build predictive models, all designed to maximise ROI.

Define customer characteristics (geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural, transactional)

We use our unique benchmark tool to define key customer characteristics, so we can build a picture of who your current and target customers are. Indicators from what town/city they inhabit, gender, age and income, to what they do in their spare time and if they are a frequent buyer or brand advocate.

Define KPIs (key performance indicators) for success

MailNinja provide ongoing analysis and KPI reporting which are essential for the growth of lifecycle marketing strategies. Monitoring, testing, and evaluation provide opportunities for improvement ultimately lead to marketing optimisation.

Define PTA (peak time analysis) for send impact

We help our clients improve their marketing programs’ performance through testing of campaign elements including Peak Time Analysis (PTA) & send frequency, creative solutions.

Create a campaign roadmap

A vital part of email marketing success is knowing what to send and when. Our strategic campaign road-mapping consists of the following:

  • Develop online goals and tactics
  • Identify roles in your online campaign
  • Develop a process for creating emails
  • Design an email template
  • Develop a delivery calendar
  • Compose and send emails
  • Assess response and impact

“We’re a small team, each with key focused areas of expertise in the email marketing sector. We work together to achieve our client’s outcomes.”

Doug Dennison