Fairfax & Favor

Fairfax & Favor was established in 2013 by childhood friends and has become a lead British-born luxury lifestyle brand in the footwear industry. Fairfax & Favor aim to create a timeless fashion investment in every piece.

The challenge

Fairfax & Favor had been marketing their emails themselves for a period of 2 years before approaching MailNinja. The subscriber list was there, but not much else had been done due to lack of time and resources. As Fairfax & Favor are in the e-commerce sector, it was extremely important to gain a return on investment. According to recent studies; 72% of people would rather receive promotional material via email, rather than social media. In fact, 38% agreed that receiving offers is the reason they subscribed to the list in the first place.

Our goal at MailNinja was to send email campaigns more frequently, use an automation series, complete list work and drive more subscribers to their list and website. By sending email campaigns more frequently you show more interaction with your subscribers, but it’s important not to send too many emails of low value as this can have a negative impact on your open and click rates – you do not want the user to become disengaged.

The solution

We began the managed service by creating them a main template- this was focusing on Fairfax & Favor’s fabulous products that they had to offer.

They also have themed campaigns for fundraising and special events for the company, therefore graphics and content were important to show off to customers; in October 2016, Fairfax & Favor raised £13,691, with £6,407 accumulated through our email marketing service. We studied their existing email marketing strategy by looking at which times received maximum engagement, which forms of content worked best, and then decided from there what needed to be improved.

A new strategy was then put into place, which clearly stated what we at MailNinja wanted to improve.

The results

MailNinja has seen an increase in user engagement since managing Fairfax & Favor’s email marketing. We discovered up to 4X increase in Total Revenue on campaigns, and up to 2X the click rate on each email campaign.

This was achieved through list segmentation and targeting the correct audience, automation emails (e.g. abandoned cart emails and welcome series) and sign up forms implemented on their website for users to subscribe to their mailing list. A campaign we created for Fairfax & Favor in November 2016 had 33.3% open rate with a 5.9% click rate, resulting in £10,347 in Total Revenue from 1 single email campaign. We still work with Fairfax & Favor today, giving them regular support and expert advice on how to better their email marketing.

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