Matsmart sell discounted food online as it is approaching the use by or best before dates. They cover markets in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The challenge

Matsmart approached us wanting an audit of their account so that they could understand how much of MailChimp they were utilising, and find out how they could be making the most of their ESP. They also wanted to place particular focus on e-commerce.

The solution

A MailNinja mentoring package. We could show them all they need in an interactive way, so that they could then implement the changes they needed with our guidance.

The results

Some of the issues flagged up in the audit were caused or affected by the number of active lists in the account. We carried out some training on list management and reduced the list number down to 3; one per country. From there we provided training on segmentation and sending targeted emails, meaning no one would need to create any new lists again, and all emails could be personalised and therefore more impactful.

GDPR happened to fall roughly two-thirds of the way through their 3-month mentoring package, so there were a few training sessions solely dedicated to planning for the 25th May.

As the deadline approached, they decided to use some of their Mentoring time to outsource some of the work to us. As we are flexible with this type of package, we designed and implemented landing pages/preference centres and multiple re-confirmation emails.

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