Paul Rich

Paul Rich offer affordable luxury watches that don’t break the bank. Their style is modern and minimalistic, inspired by the global metropoles.

The challenge

Paul Rich approached MailNinja in July 2017 with a need to make ROI from emails. Up until this point, they hadn’t made any ROI on email, had no automations set up, and their total revenue via this marketing channel was incredibly low. They knew emails were a cost-effective way of generating revenue for e-commerce but didn’t have the resource or knowledge in-house.

This is where MailNinja were asked to step in and turn things around.

The solution

Fun fact 1: E-commerce and automations go together like cookies and cream.

With Black Friday being a milestone we were rapidly hurtling towards, MailNinja worked out a suitable strategy for automations and got to work. We went heavy on automations and made sure we had the fundamentals in place for the biggest quarter in the retail calendar.

Initially, the existing subscriber list wasn’t particularly responsive, so this was a priority for Paul Rich – to improve and grow (organically!) their email list. After a few targeted ads, the subscriber list began to grow and we could start to build up a picture of what these subscribers really wanted.

The results

The first email in the Welcome Series made just under $3,000 in the first month, which was tweaked every month and optimised the more subscribers that came through it. By month 3 it was at over $19,700 across both EU and USA stores, with a 10% avg click-through rate.

This was just the first welcome email, not counting the rest of the emails in the series.

An abandoned cart series is a fundamental feature if you sell online, and are there to bring back those shoppers who got distracted. This is not to be underestimated. When we set up this abandoned cart series we were aiming for a 10%-15% conversion rate to begin with as a benchmark. By month 4, the team contacted us to inform that Shopify was sending notifications saying their abandoned cart emails were recovering over 17% of lapsed carts.

From what started as a company struggling to make any revenue off the back of an email, to 1 Welcome email covering the ROI and more on its own, Paul Rich found great value in the strategy and analysis MailNinja had developed for them.


In the world of e-commerce, automation is a no-brainer.

If your strategy is well thought out and you’re testing and analysing the stats, you give yourself a great chance at having high-performing automation.

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