Our Technology Partners

As technologies have evolved, we have proactively embraced new and exciting ways to ensure we stay at the leading edge of email design and methodology. As an example, due to the increasing presence of mobile devices, we were one of the first agencies to adopt a “mobile first” email build strategy.

This learning curve has helped us become a leading light in the world of email marketing, developing proprietary tools and best-in-class services that enable us to deliver successful email marketing campaigns with a focus on a higher return on investment and increased conversion rates.


Why different partners?

To enable us to provide the best range of services possible, MailNinja work across a wide range of selected email service providers, automation platforms and marketing clouds.

  1. They focus on a vertical market (ecommerce, automotive, real estate)

  2. They work across horizontal markets, but fit a specific business size (scalable for large enterprise-level corporations for example)

  3. They meet a niche requirement (automation workflows, advanced segmentation, drag and drop editing, reporting and data analytics)

Each provider is chosen by strict criteria, selected by us to enhance your email marketing efforts whatever stage of deployment you’re at, whatever size business you are and whatever vertical you cover.