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Our policies and terms

Email template terms of service

Privacy policy
  • To migrate your template, we will need manager-level access to your ESP account. It is your responsibility to revoke access if you wish
  • We will not access or download your data unless we have been granted prior written or verbal approval
  • We will not share your information with any third parties

Terms of service
  • We will not provide services free of charge that go beyond the agreed scope of work
  • Additional charges may apply depending on the project complexity
  • Expedited delivery service is available for extra charge – agreed in advance of project commencement
  • We reserve the right to amend our pricing for any changes or additions to the project subsequent to our commencement of the project
  • We reserve the right to refuse to work on any project, without the need for providing justification
  • We will not provide services for any project or potential client for content which is offensive, illegal or which contains illicit or infringing material

Working schedule
  • Our working hours are Monday to Thursday 9am-5:30pm, and Friday 9am-3pm
  • When we state turnaround times, we do not include weekends

Turnaround times
  • Unless specified, we will aim to complete your email template within 10 working days. Delays may occur if we cannot reach you by phone or email for your approval

Roles and responsibilities
  • To produce your email template in the agreed timeframe, we will need your timely feedback and approval
  • We will require a single point of contact for change requests, feedback and approval

  • Default acceptance criteria are applicable to all projects and all project stages. A delivery is considered accepted if any of the following criteria has been met:
    • The client approves delivery, verbally or written
    • The client does not send any feedback/change request within seven (7) days of the delivery.

Fixes, change requests and post-delivery support
  • All changes must be provided in a single document or email, not spread over several emails
  • Our templates use pre-built code blocks, therefore we will not provide any code related or structural changes, however we will provide 3 design / style changes per template
  • We will work on your changes in one task – if we are waiting for feedback, we will not work on your previous changes until we have had confirmation that all changes have been received
  • We will fix code related problems with your template that are within our control
  • We test your email against the following email clients (list)
  • We will not fix any issues related to email clients or devices we do not test on
  • We will provide ESP template usage training post completion for up to 20 minutes – further template training may be charged by the hour
  • General ESP usage, best practice or strategic training are beyond the scope of the free template training provided
  • Microsoft Outlook does not allow animated GIFs, custom fonts, background images, CSS animations and video playback
  • MailNinja are not responsible for any post-delivery day-to-day use of the email template
  • MailNinja are not responsible for ESP related issues

Payment terms
  • Pricing shown is exclusive of VAT for UK customers (+20%) 
  • Payments will be charged on a prepay basis on the day that the order is created
  • Whenever post-payment is available, by confirming the order, the client agrees to pay the agreed-upon amount for the services
  • Refunds will NOT BE ISSUED, unless the order is cancelled before any work has started
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