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MailNinja provides email campaign management for Trunki.

You may recognise the name Trunki after their appearance on well-known UK television series ‘Dragons Den’ back in 2006. Since then, Trunki has gone on to sell millions of children’s ride-on/carry-on suitcases and won multiple awards for the innovation of their products and designs.


Trunki came to us with the aspiration of taking their email marketing to the next level. The interaction and engagement that email can provide gave Trunki a fantastic platform to connect with their customers and keep them up to date with the latest blogs, competitions and product releases.


First of all the team started by creating a responsive master template, which we would use for Trunki’s future marketing campaigns. We then segmented Trunki’s subscriber data to form lists that we would be sending to on a regular basis. These lists contained information such as subscriber’s first name, last name and purchase history. This allowed us to send more personalised emails, ensuring that the content is relevant to the recipients.


We have been working closely with Trunki to meet the tight deadlines of their marketing schedule, providing in-depth reports on all of their campaigns. To date we have sent many successful campaigns for Trunki, including an email for the launch of one of their latest products ‘Jurni’.

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