The MailNinja difference

Our dedicated and experienced professionals partner with you to achieve your business goals.

MailNinja understands that email is about engagement, and we also understand that there are a few simple key metrics that define the success of an email campaign.

Our agency services are designed and tailored specifically to enhance your customer lifecycle marketing through creating and sending effective email campaigns. At MailNinja, we deliver strategies relevant to your target audience by analysing historic data built up over 10 years in the industry as well as reviewing your current and past data to track trends in customer engagement. Our single core mission is a focus on achieving your desired results.

With MailNinja, you have at your disposal a rich diversity of experience and capabilities in email marketing communications. Since 2005 we’ve been working with businesses of all over the world providing industry leading services by creating effective campaign lifecycle solutions and data analysis strategies.

Outcome focused

We believe the way to maximise the value of your marketing is to have a clear picture of what’s possible and how to get there. We start with four key elements that we believe drive the highest impact and ROI: diagnosing areas for market opportunities, defining a clear picture of marketing objectives, developing impactful creative solutions, and developing a roadmap to achieve your objectives.

SCI – A 3-step strategy for success

From strategy to analysis, MailNinja’s agency services provides comprehensive solutions that focus on your outcomes and desired results. Our unique approach allows us to fully understand opportunities, develop communication strategies, and bring them to life for the optimal customer experience.

1.  Strategy

  1. define market opportunities
  2. define customer characteristics (geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural, transactional)
  3. define KPIs (key performance indicators) for success
  4. define PTA (peak time analysis) for send impact
  5. create a campaign roadmap

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2.  Creative

  1. creative audit – define brand style guide, best practices
  2. create email templates and provide ongoing creative solutions

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3.  Insights

analysis and KPI delivery, including:

  1. campaign reporting
  2. engagement insights
  3. trend analysis
  4. on-demand consultancy and expertise

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