With a unique perspective in enterprise email marketing; our creative services optimise campaigns for mobile devices, social media integration and optimum conversion.

MailNinja’s in-house experience and client diversity give a unique perspective in enterprise email marketing, and our creative services optimise your campaigns for maximum impact.

Creative audit – define brand style guide, best practices

MailNinja work to your brand identity and predefined style guides. We also define creative best practices for optimum ROI and subscriber engagement.

Create email templates and provide ongoing creative solutions

Template Systems
Our template system features original, flexible layouts designed to share a unified look and feel for multiple mailings. They revolutionise email design by making the development of creative for any email a dynamic, flexible, and effortless exercise.

Responsive Design
Utilising responsive design is an approach used to ‘mobilise’ email campaigns. Responsive design adapts your email to the device it is rendered on and creates a layout that is proportional to the screen and more visually appealing.

Creative Services
Our extensive experience in email design allows us to provide a wealth of unique creative services for clients including audits, content creation and copy writing.