Delivery I Testing

Why MailNinja?

Inbox placement

Ensuring your email is delivered is in part the responsibility of your ESP, but also the quality of your content. MailNinja run various tests make sure your email reaches the inbox each and every time.

  • Subject lines  we spam check for delivery + split test for impact
  • Spam checks  we put your email through spam checks to remove ‘spammy’ words
  • Proofing  we proof your email for typos and grammatical errors
  • IP reputation  we can help you maintain a high IP score for optimum delivery
  • Comply with anti-spam laws  we filter out unsubscribers and act on abuse reports
  • Remove inactive subscribers  we can manually filter your lists of inactive subscribers


As we as testing your template during the building phase, we also run your regular email campaigns through additional testing for to ensure it renders perfectly on all devices, desktops and email clients.