The MailNinja Difference

Why MailNinja?

Reducing Costs Of Email Marketing

MailNinja adopt the following lean thinking to simplify workflow and reduce lead times:

  • results-driven strategies
  • outcome focused milestones
  • agile development:   design/redesign > build/test 1 1 > rebuild/retest
  • team collaboration:   1 team, 3 skills – strategy, 1 1 design + development
  • options-orientated thinking

Service + Support

MailNinja’s industry-leading service & support packages add value in 3 core ways:

Outcome focused strategies

Understanding your niche market means we are able to create a strategy designed around ‘influencers’ that speak directly to your audience.

  • language + personality
  • design + colour scheme
  • send frequency, best times and days
  • length of email
  • visual elements

Creative content

Understanding these ‘influencers’ means we can create engaging content that ensure your messages speak directly to your target audience as well as align with your brand identity + personality.

Valuable insights

Our strategy team will report on key metrics as well as analyse trends across multiple campaigns, track your KPIs and help you build a profile of your subscribers.

Increasing value

As a result of our lean processes and our flexible range of service + support packages – we are able to bring value to your organisation.

Experience + Expertise = Value

We do this by providing our expertise backed by over 10 years of experience.